Neowiz Play Studio

World as a playground

Neowiz Play Studio is a social casino developer
with the proven records of best contents developments
and the service operator in the industry.


Who we are

With the insights, solid technical skills and the business minds from years of experience, we are developing leading products with the continuous innovations and creative ideas.

This place is filled with professionals who work together to add fun, Neowiz Play Studio will continue to create games that make the world a playground and add energetic energy to users' life through a differentiated play experience on the stage called Global Social Casino Market.

Neowiz Play Studio
Core Values
In the heart of Neowiz Play Studio, there always is a start-up spirit reminding of where we came from. Here are the basic five core values of Neowiz Play Studios.
  • Be Straightforward
  • Stay hungry
  • Be Professional
  • Collaborate
  • Believe